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In 2014 I received a phone call from a large Multinational company asking me to assist them in the organisation of a 5 day conference to take place in Verona to include an opening reception, a groundbreaking ceremony, a gala dinner, satellite events and evening social events. The programme was going to be intense for the delegates so things needed to be condensed but with a great impact. It was a great success, that left the delegates with lasting and fun memories.

Since then I’ve helped to organise numerous other corporate events  for their clients and management team. Happy clients and managers, after all, will spell success for any organisation.

100% Emotion

Italy is a land where culture, heritage and tradition intertwine with legendary automobiles, culinary delights and passion. I work with external agencies to create bespoke tours that include dining experiences with world-renowned Italian chefs, VIP hospitality at top class sporting events in exciting locations, private tours to witness world famous craftsmanship and design at Ferrari in Maranello or glass blowing on Murano island, personalised guided tours to discover the magnificent art cities such as Verona, Rome and the Vatican, all fully customisable, usually with a few surprise enhancements along the way, with the aim to provide ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences that will satisfy even the most demanding of clients, and would otherwise be unattainable.

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